Friday, July 11, 2014

The Beach Trip

I've been neglecting the blog. No excuses; just been lazy. Therefore, this will be the first of many "catching up" posts.

My summer break started back in June with a trip to Port Aransas, Texas. Edward, the red-headed son-in-law, was home from the Middle East and wanted to do some deep sea fishing. He and Becca rented a cute beach house and invited the rest of the family to go along. All we had to do was provide the meals. Not a bad deal for a week on the beach.  Sadly, Ron didn't go with us.  He is planning on taking time to visit his family in Ohio later this summer and thought it best to work. Having a job that only pays when he works, makes it difficult for him to take as much time off as in the past. So, he did doggy day care while we played in the sand.

Here are some pictures of our trip.
Fishing on the coast was a bit of a challenge.

Ed, Seth and Scott gave it a good try.

The 1 fish that was caught was evidently not edible because they threw it back.

The sea weed was insane! We were told that it gets better later in the summer.

Seth's catch!

The kids loved playing in the surf. I learned that I do not like salt water.

They, on the other hand, didn't seem to mind it.

Sitting in the waves was fine, at low tide. Any other time, they wiped you out!

Scott opted to sit on the sand instead.

The Mexican branch of the family took a day to visit Padre Island. I stayed at the beach house and read.

Maggie, G, Leslie, and Sophie

Pretty girls!

Sophie Lyn

Maggie Lyn

Sophie Lyn

Edward taking a lick of his sucker.



Ed and Seth (he is such a good sport).

Captain Castello!

The grandkids in front of one of the gift shops.

Love these babies.

The girls are "saving" Seth from the shark!

Another cute photo op site in town.

Even the big boys agreed to let me take their picture.

A nice passerby offered to snap a pic of the family.

Another shark!
I enjoyed getting to spend so much time with some of the family. We played games, sat on the porch and chatted for hours, played in the pool at the beach house, collected sea shells, and laughed at the stories of Ed, Becca, Seth, and Scott going deep sea fishing. We enjoyed a delicious meal of red snapper, the fruits of their labors, and had a wonderful time.

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