Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Camera Broke!!

I am so sad! I love the little camera I have been using for the past few years. Scott went with me and helped me pick it out. (I wanted one like his, but he kindly informed me that it was smarter than I am.) I wanted one that took a picture when you pushed the button; not a few seconds later when the grandchild moved. I wanted one that zoomed in or out quickly. I wanted one that had an "easy" mode for days when I didn't want to think about how to take a picture. I found what I wanted, and it had an added feature. I could select the "smile mode" and just point the camera at whomever I wanted to photograph. It wouldn't snap until the subject smiled. I marveled at technology and thanked my son for helping me find the perfect camera.
Then, one day this month when I had a ton of things to take pictures of, it wouldn't open. UGH!!! So, here is a list of the things I wanted to photograph.
  1. appliqued Valentine shirts and skirts I made for the granddaughters
  2. a baby quilt for a friend at work
  3. "Texas Bling" his and hers place mats for a friend at work
  4. Maggie's PE program at school
  5. the granddaughters before the Daddy Daughter Dance at church
I know it isn't a long list, but even when we get together for different family activities, everyone looks at me expecting me to have a camera! I think I need to go buy a new camera or our family will cease to have photographic documentation of life events.

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The Monkeys said...

I have become the camera guy as well. I have to insist on being in some of the pictures, so my children remember me when I am young and gorgeous- ha ha! And BY THE WAY, you have never said anything rude- you are always positive and uplifting. Thank you!