Friday, July 19, 2013

Before and After...#3 and #4 Bathroom & Kitchen re-do

I started this before and after on July 1st.  It has been a long and exhausting job; which would not be finished today if it weren't for Ron pitching in.  (Thank you, Sugarbear!)  I went into this knowing it would take most of my summer, worried that it might be a huge disaster, and determined to not be making a horrible mistake.  I am pleased with the results.

Here are a few before pictures.  The kitchen and the half-bath are the only rooms I actually had pictures of.  The laundry room must have been wearing an invisibility cloak!
When we moved in, Ron sanded the fronts of the cabinets and refinished them.
It helped a little, but I have always hated the ugly wood and paneling the builder used.
Typical 70's house.

This is the half-bath. No one liked using it because it is tiny and dark.

Other side of the kitchen with more ugly cabinets and paneling.

Here are a couple of during pictures.  Ron was in charge of removing the cabinets and putting them back up. I didn't remove the things in the cabinets the first time I sanded the cabinet box... HUGE mistake. After removing everything just to wipe it down, I learned my lesson.

Laundry room...

Looking into the kitchen and half bath from the laundry room...

 And finally, the after pictures! Everyone has had the same reaction: "Wow! It is so bright in here now! It looks good!" 
I'm about 95% finished with decorating; etc. Still have some curtains to make and waiting for Leslie to cut my vinyl letters for the laundry room. 

Laundry room...

Looking into the half-bath...

It is soooo much lighter in here now!

Kitchen from the laundry room door...

Kitchen from the dining room...

My shelf that Ron put up... just for some of my canning and milk jars.

Family keepsakes... no longer stuck in a cabinet!

More family keepsakes. The picture belonged to Grandma Veach, the basket was made by Mom.
I don't remember who owned the lamp.

Kitchen window... I don't think I am going to put up any curtains.

Look how dark that dining room is compared to the kitchen!
What a difference!!

I am happy, happy, happy!
Next summer...  pulling the paneling off the living and dining room walls, texturing the walls, and white washing the fireplace!!!

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Deborah Kress said...

Wow! You amaze me with all of your projects! You really get down and busy in the summer!