Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bad Ass Dash... in memory of Amy Firth

Several months ago, the mother of a former student passed away suddenly.  She also worked at KidzTherap with Leslie, so our families had a double connection.  This weekend, the women that work at Kidz honored her memory by participating in a competition to raise money for Autism Speaks; Amy's favorite charity.  They called themselves Team Amy and gathered in Kemp, Texas to run, laugh, raise money for an honorable cause; but, mostly to remember a wonderful wife, mother, daughter and co-worker.  I am so proud of Leslie and Scott for taking part in such a challenging event to show our support for a wonderful family. 
Here are some pictures that were taken as they ran their hearts out for Amy.
Team Amy: Leslie is front row, center and Scott is in the back.  Amy's family is here with
the women and their spouses/partners.
Alyssa, my student, is the little blond to the right of Leslie.

Waiting with the family for the competition to start. Becca & I were not
prepared for the colder temps up north. We had to make a
quick trip to Wal-Mart for rain boots, thermals & sweatshirts.

Leslie, her friend Katie, and Scott just before the race...

The second obstacle, right after vaulting a 5 ft. chain link fence.
Leslie and Scott are just about to reach the top.

The 4th obstacle, after vaulting several chain link fences and
climbing the dirt mound. Scott is in front and Leslie is behind the bale of hay.

Crossing a pit by running over logs... still dry!

The cold mud pit! Very slippery and VERY cold...

In and out of the first tire obstacle...

And the second tire obstacle...

Water slide on the opposite side of a very tall hill they had to run.

And at the end of the slide was a mud pit.  Leslie managed to
miss most of what Scott found!

There were several events that were too far away for us to see.
But, we watched Leslie cross the finish line...

Amy's father shook hands with those that crossed the finish line.
Here is Scott with Mr. Henderson.

My two tired and muddy kids.  So proud of you two!!

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The Monkeys said...

Awesome! Rob and I did a Mudathon and it was a lot of fun, although dangerous with all that slippy mud! Great Job to the two of them!