Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quilts, grandchildren, and puppy news...

I was looking through the pictures on my lap top and realized that I hadn't posted these.  The first quilt was made by Mom. She used her Thangles buck a block squares that she gets from her favorite quilt shop.  It is a change from her usual color pallet.  She has been trying to get some quilts put together that her grandsons might like.  This thing was massive! I swear it must be between a king and California king.  When I had it in the frame, there were only about 5-6 inches of space on either side.  
The second one is Leslie's.  She made it right after she graduated from college.  She was housesitting for our friend Barbara one summer and made if out of all the T-shirts she collected through middle school, high school, and college.
Now that she is a mom, has a career and rather busy church calling, she doesn't have time to quilt.
I left her the binding, though.  I hate putting on a binding!

The grandkids visit quite often, considering school is back in full swing.  Seth is in a camera phobic stage.  I usually just get a picture of his hand; but, every now and then I catch him unaware and get a picture of him doing something cute or silly.

Leslie and the girls rescue Boomer on the days that Leslie isn't working.  They take him home to give him a break from the kennel.  He absolutely loves them!  They aren't too sure if his romping is fun or not because the puppy teeth are killer!  Here are some pictures of their last romp.

Boomer is getting so big! Due to the fact that we have never seen his parents and don't know how much of him is Basset or Beagle, we are waiting to see how he turns out.  He still has his cute beagle face, but his legs seem to be getting shorter and his body is getting longer.  I have a feeling he is going to be a funny looking fellow.
But, he sure is a comfort to snuggle with after a long, hard week at school.

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The Monkeys said...

Love the quilts and the little doggie!