Monday, January 23, 2012

People I admire...

This will be a feeble attempt to pay tribute to some of the women that I admire and respect.  When I feel discouraged or sad, their examples lift my spirits.

Shirley (Mom) Porter - my anchor, one of my best friends.  She is one of the people I trust most. Fear of disappointing her drives me to be a better person.
Granny Molly - my great-grandmother.  I vividly remember many things about her, and the stories of her life humble me when I complain and grumble.
Elizabeth (the mother of John the Baptist) - she didn't let old age get her down! Her relationship with the Holy Ghost inspires me.
Barbara Becker - fearlessly faces that heartless beast, ovarian cancer.  She never ceases to amaze me with her constant courage and determination.
Erika Mendenhall - spiritual, loving, kind, generous, and ALWAYS happy.  Her lovely smile lights up an entire room.
Marilyn Stoner - always positive, overflowing with words of wisdom, quiet and calm.  When I feel discouraged, she is a soothing and healing presence in my life.
Paula Boales - amazing leader, brilliant CIS, supportive. Dependable to a fault; even when her own health suffers.
My second grade team (Kelli Pepper, Alana Gibbs, Sue Henderson, Diana Davidson, and Krystan Hunt) - women who love children, work together with a common goal of making sure our students receive the best we have to offer, and support one another in any way necessary.
Army wives - at times, they pay the ultimate price.  Yet, they continue to hold the home together and raise children, all the while worrying about the safety of their husbands.

Thank you for inspiring me.

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