Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Parades and Pagents...

Lately, I have been letting other people tote our camera and snap pictures whenever we get together with family.  As a result, when I load the pictures onto the computer, they are either blurry or not what I expected.  That being said, here is a sample of what we have been up to lately.

Each year, we got downtown to watch the Temple Christmas Parade.  Usually, Becca & Seth come into town to join us, but the parade was on a Monday night this year so Becca decided to skip it since Seth had school the next day.  

Anyway, Ron and Leslie took the truck downtown in the afternoon to get a good spot all picked out. We figured with the weather being as cold as it has been lately, we could sit in the truck to watch the parade.   Ron thought he did a great job, but someone decided to park on the sidewalk and block the view from the truck.  So, we huddled together in lawn chairs under our blankets and watched the parade.  

My beard cap that my niece Sarah made for me came in handy, but it didn't do anything to keep my nose from turning red!

Below are a couple of the least blurry pictures that were taken that evening.  The photographer will remain nameless; but, needless to say, I will not complain about being the only person to take pictures ever again. 
One of the fire trucks from one of the stations in Temple... I think.

And another float from the parade... I think this was a cheer team called Power House from one of the local gymnastic groups.

Later that week, we had to cancel family dinner because Mom came down with a nasty cold.  Instead, we met at Rosa's cafe (YUM!) to eat before heading over to Maggie's preschool for her Christmas pagent.   The unnamed photographer redeemed himself by taking this adorable picture of Maggie, patiently waiting for Mimi to get there so we could eat!

Cute Maggie...

Maggie played an angel in her Christmas program.  It was a cute little play with lots of sleepy and grumpy preschoolers staggering around looking like deer caught in the headlights of a car.  Maggie was even a little nervous before her play.  We really didn't get to see any of her except for when she walked in and out of the chapel. Luckily, Leslie took this picture in her classroom before the program started. 

Maggie's wings were a little large...

Maggie gave us a shy little wave as she walked in with her classmates.  I think the butterflies disappeared once they got settled into their places and the program started. 

On her way!!

Of course, I couldn't leave this post without putting in a picture of Sophie.  She was so proud of her big sister.  Thank goodness, she didn't run up and give her a hug during the program.  They are such peas-in-a-pod that I was a little worried.  Instead, she just kept asking Aunt B, "Where's Maggie? Where's Maggie?" 

Sophie Lyn...

The next event we attended was the Gatesville Christmas parade.  It was a lot more fun than the Temple parade because they still toss candy to the kids along the streets.  Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera so there aren't any pictures of that parade.  

I sure hope I am not as lazy about taking pictures during the rest of the holiday season!

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The monkey bunch said...

The only way you would have ended up with non blurry pictures at night with moving vehicles is to have the camera on a tripod! I'm going to give the unnamed photographer this one! LOL
Looks like fun!