Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2011

Now that the children are all grown and comfortable in the kitchen, Thanksgiving has become so much more relaxing and enjoyable for me.  We all split up the parts of the meal and met at Leslie & G's house for dinner.  We had all the usual yummy food: 
Ron & I = roasted turkey & stuffing
Ryan = smoked turkey
Scott = rolls
Becca = spinach dip & hash brown casserole
Leslie = yams, green bean casserole, corn souffle
Mom & Dad = pies
We had way too much food; but, everyone had left overs for the entire weekend.  
We ate early enough to let the family watch the Cowboys play and give me a chance to walk up to our house and grab a nap.
Scott & G trying on the ugly sweaters from Goodwill... 
It is a little scary that G is so comfortable in a woman's sweater...

Leslie made cute turkey shirts for the girls...

After the game, Mom, Dad, and Ryan headed home, Ron went back to our house to watch more football, then the rest of us played some board games before making our plans for Black Friday shopping.
Sweet granddaughters watching a movie...

Our totally tacky shirts... 
I made mine out of foam stickers... unfortunately, most of them fell off before I got home...

Becca came up with the idea of getting tacky Christmas sweaters from Goodwill for everyone to wear.  Scott had a little trouble finding something to fit; so, Leslie cut apart a vest and sewed it onto a long sleeved Tee shirt. He sure did get some strange looks.  The best was when he met a fellow firefighter at Wal-Mart.  The guy kept trying to avert his eyes from Scott's shirt and carry on a normal conversation at the same time.  Scott didn't even notice it, but Becca and I were cracking up just watching him!

We only hit 2 stores: Wal-Mart & Kohl's; but here is the run down of bargains:
Becca, Scott, & Leslie all got new mixers.
Scott bought new Paula Dean cookware, a mini chopper, and a home-made soda machine.
Leslie & I got new crock pots and Bissel 3-in-1 sweepers.
Leslie got new jammies for the girls, new dish towels for the kitchen, and new cookie sheets.  She really needed new muffin pans, but I don't know if she picked those up or not.
Seth got some new XBox games and a marshmallow gun. 
And, I got a small shop vac.

We did a little "barfing" and lots of laughing along the way.  Good times; can't wait for next year.

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