Sunday, April 17, 2011

Run, run, as fast as you can...

It is that time of the year again; the school year stampedes to an end, the grandkids are playing sports, the yard is coming to life again, and schedules become more and more hectic.  I alternate between fatigue, panic, stress, and frustration.  Interspersed are precious moments of joy and happiness, keeping me centered and focused on what is most important: grandkids.

This year, Maggie is old enough to play in organized sports.  Her father coached high school and middle school soccer for several years. G has been anxiously awaiting the day when Maggie was old enough to enroll in city sports.  He is coaching her team, and is quickly learning that 4 year olds are very different from older kids with experience.  

Maggie plays on "The Red Team" for Temple's youth league.

Gerson on the "field" with his team.

Sophie usually sits on Uncle Ryan's lap during the games; but, she is NOT happy about it.  We are lucky if we can keep her off the floor during the game.  Thank goodness the games are fairly short.  Only 3 players from each team are on the floor at one time, and they do not have a designated goal.  Watching those little ones rush up and down the floor is hilarious.

Sophie at Maggie's first soccer game.

Sophie sharing a wilted flower with Maggie after a game. 

Seth was able to spend a couple of weekends with me this month because Becca had to work out of town.  We watched SciFy movies, played darts, and checkers, and generally would just hang out.  Right now, we are playing catch a lot because he has recently started a new baseball season.

Seth has moved up a league in baseball.  He is now playing Kid Pitch for Higgenbotham Laudry in Gatesville.  His games are most often at odd hours which are either too early for me to get there on time, or at 8:30, which makes a super late night. 
Friday evening Ron and I were able to take the girls up and watch one of his games. The girls were disappointed because they didn't get to see Seth actually playing much.  This year his age group honors the 3 out rule and many batters walk because this is the first year they actually have a pitcher.  Consequently, the team not at bat spends a lot of time in the field.

Seth is learning that Kid Pitch is much more demanding than Coach's Pitch because he spends less time at bat and more time in the field.  

Seth in the dugout at the last game.

Maggie & Sophie watching Cousin Seth's game.

School is much more challenging at this time of the year.  There are deadlines to meet, grades to get quickly and earlier, paperwork out the wazoo, and students that have spent a lot of time together and are starting to get on one another's nerves.  Keeping them busy is the key.  My most recent project was a big hit.  We are studying economics (wants, needs, income, producers, consumers, goods, and services).  So I gave each one of them a marshmallow PEEP bunny.  They were told to create an imaginary business, determine whether or not it offered a good or service, make the clothes, tools, and supplies they would need for the business, and then present the information to the class.  All of it had to be done in class and only during free time.  It kept them busy AND stopped most of the bickering.

Here are a couple of my favorite ones.

Hannah's  2 parents are both doctors.  Is it surprising that her business was a hospital?

Amaya is my hamster's biggest fan.  She is an animal lover through and through.  She created an animal shelter.
We have several big projects going on throughout the rest of the year.  We are finishing up our Charlotte's Web unit with reader's response projects. Then, we will have a grade level factory producing products for sale to other second graders,.  And finally, end the year with our biome of the Earth study.  In the meantime, I try to stay on top of the administrative part of the job, manage to squeeze in time for family and church, keep the yard & house under control, and stay sane.  Thank goodness next week is our 39th anniversary and Ron & I will escape to Dallas for a couple of days!!!


Larry said...

What cute kids

The monkey bunch said...

I worked 2 weeks full time and my house went to pot. My kids showed up at soccer games in the wrong shirts and shoes two sizes too big. I don't envy you this time of the year! Way too busy!