Sunday, January 30, 2011

Home part 4...

This post is about the bedroom in the Temple house.  The windows in the entire house had recently been replaced with wonderfully energy efficient models.  They are easy to open and clean, which was one of the selling points of this place.  Also, the woodwork in the back half of the house had already been painted white.  They just didn't paint the doors, which I found a bit odd.  That is on our future to-do list, but way at the bottom.  
When we moved in, the bedrooms of our house were startling contrasts.  Two of them were painted a stark white and had dated wallpaper borders.  The third bedroom must have been used as an office by the previous owners.  It had quite expensive wallpaper and a metallic paint on the walls.  That being said, it was the ugliest room in the house.  (By the way, Blogger has changed their tools to post pictures and so these ended up in the wrong order.  I haven't figured out how to rearrange them, so I am just leaving them as they are and adding a caption.)  

This picture is one side of the master bedroom.  I posted about the remodel of this room last year so I will refer readers to that post (I am not afraid of color.) instead of going into any details. 

And, this is a picture of the center of the master bedroom.  It is tiny, but I think the colors make it seem warm and cozy.

This is the guest room.  I didn't realize that I hadn't taken pictures with the bedding and curtains up.  

Here is a picture of Leslie and Seth during the painting stage in the guest room.

And to end with the before pictures.  Maybe I will figure out the new uploading by the next blog entry.

The ugly metallic wall and border in the third bedroom.... and below, the horrible wallpaper.  
The room has 2 doors and an abundance of light so it is perfect for out office/sewing room.  However, because the guest room has only been used twice since we moved in, I am planning on giving Scott the furniture in there and turning it into either Ron's office or my sewing room.  I don't share space very well.

And last but not least, the guest room before we started.  

We didn't replace the carpet in the bedrooms with tile for two reasons.  First, the carpet was practically new. And second, while it is incredibly ugly, we couldn't see replacing something that wasn't worn out or stained.  The previous owners did have carpet in all of the bathrooms, which I think is disgusting!  That we did rip out and replace with tile.
So there are the bedrooms, minus an after picture of the office/sewing room.  Just imagine a junky room filled with plunder.
The bathrooms haven't bee remodeled yet.  We just painted the walls and replaced the faucets and toilet seats.  They are dated, but everything is in such good shape.  Luckily, the people who built the home selected white fixtures, white ceramic tile for the walls, and off-white marble counter tops.  Eventually, we might remodel, but I doubt it.  I am finding comfort and meaning in Spencer W. Kimball's words, "Fix it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."

So, that is our retirement home.  We love it here and look forward to many years within these walls.

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The monkey bunch said...

Looks like a lot of hard work, but it looks great. I'm with you about carpets in bathrooms- nasty!! Carpets in Kitchens are almost as bad.
BTW we are at an Air Force base because that is where the schooling is that Rob is going to. I actually don't have any problems living here, just Rob when he needs something, Army- which isn't very often since he goes to school most of the time in civilian clothing.