Monday, September 6, 2010

The perils of mixing photography and your blog...

It is Labor Day weekend and I had intended to post a picture filled blog today. There were several important events that took place this weekend, and I had every intention of photographing them specifically for the blog. Unfortunately, my plans often go amiss.
On Saturday morning, the fire academy hosted a family event for the current class of firefighters. The class has been practicing repelling down the sides of buildings all week, and ended the week of training by inviting the families to meet at the Plaza Hotel in Killeen to watch them descend the tallest building in the city. ( It is all of 6 stories high.) I had my grandson Seth with me and we headed out the door, camera in hand. Unfortunately, once we got there I discovered the battery was dead. As a result, the only images I have of Scott smiling, joking around with his buddies, and thoroughly enjoying himself are in my memory. I did, however, find a picture online of the hotel. So imagine, if you will, a bunch of firefighter cadets standing around on the roof, on the ground and 3 repelling along the side of the building near the giant P.
The second event that I had intended to photograph was Seth's first football game of the season. His team is once again called the Horned Frogs. Seth was telling me that he didn't expect to get a break during the game. I asked why, and he said was on all 4 teams; defense, offense, punt, and punt return. Their team won the game, 18 to 0, and he came off the field a tired, sweaty kid. But, do I have a picture of him? No; the battery was dead. So here is a picture of the college team that they use as the theme for their colors and mascot.

The third event that I had intended to photograph took place on Sunday afternoon. My brother Larry, his wife Kathy, and their daughter Hannah are in town visiting my parents. I invited them all over for family dinner on Sunday. Luckily, I had charged my battery and had the camera waiting. I snapped a picture of my granddaughter Maggie setting the table and then put the camera on the bar. Did I take any more pictures, NO! I just got caught up in the hustle and bustle of making sure dinner was prepared and then sat down to visit. So, here is the one and only picture I took of family dinner.

Ron and I do have a few more things planned for the last day of our long weekend, but I don't promise that I will take picture and blog about them!


KID, MD said...

At least you got a picture of Maggie! She's darn cute.

The monkey bunch said...

I did that same thing at Emma's first volleyball game. Dead battery! Very frustrating!

The monkey bunch said...

Sorry- the dress was bought on-line at Molly's clothing. They are a group from Utah that make clothes for LDS people. I love it too. Never wrinkles and is cute! They have all different patterns.