Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Break long gone...

Spring break is always way to short, but this year it seemed to fly by even faster than normal. I guess it is because I tried to cram too many things into too few days.  
Most of the week was spent painting the house in Killeen and preparing it for sale. 
But the rest of the time, I tried to spend as much time as possible with family.

We started with family Rock Band night at Leslie and G's house.
Scott has the Beatles version of the game.  
And, because the entire family was raised on their music we love it!

We are even exposing Seth, Maggie, and Sophie to the Beatles at an early age. Maggie just doesn't realize that, unlike Ringo's drums, hers weren't actually turned on.

I managed to get some time in with my daughters for lunch and crafts (see previous post). 
Family dinner with my parents was held at our house with barbeque dogs and burgers.

And, we ended with family game night at Rebecca and Edward's house.

G doesn't really like playing games.  His family really never spent much time playing games while he was growing up. 
 However, he does love watching soccer on the Spanish channel while the rest of us play.

Sophie is always happy with the oddest things.  She spent quite a while just playing with Hoss's dog kennel!

While the time went by much too quickly, I loved every moment spent with the greatest people I know.


Woolverton Girl said...

Oh, my family would all love playing the Beatles game. It's too funny that G doesn't like to play games, cause Jason is the same way. He will play sometimes though. Looks like ou guys had lots of fun! Glad you enjoyed it!

Amanda said...

I was introduced to the Beatles Rock Band at Christmas. It's so fun! Wish I could have rocked out with you guys.

Kathy said...

I agree, Spring Break is much too short. Looks like you made the best of every minute, now back to the grindstone.