Saturday, October 10, 2009

This and that...

It is a quiet Saturday afternoon so I thought I would post a few random thoughts. I am sitting here with my feet up listening to Maggie snore and Daisy crunch her rawhide bone. Scott is in the guest room and Ron had driven to Killeen to help Ryan find a suit for interviews. I know the peace and quiet won't last long so I am enjoying it while I can.
It was a pleasant morning. I got up and weighed in at WW (lot another 2 lbs. to make a total of 9), went to Seth's football game (they are still undefeated with 1 regular season game left to play), went to lunch with the family at El Ta patio's (which was very hard; settled on Monterrey chicken with beans and rice, only ate part of it), then drove home with Maggie. She had stayed at Aunt B's house and did NOT want to leave. However, Becca has a party tonight so we have Maggie for the weekend. G's mother had to have brain surgery yesterday. She had been showing signs of Alzheimer's disease so the doctor ran tests and discovered she had a brain tumor. Leslie and G are down there with her now. She came out of surgery fine, but they couldn't get all of the tumor out. Don't know any more than that, but hope to find out more when Leslie gets home.
Oh and some interesting news: I may be adopting a 7 year old from Nigeria sometime this year. I have a little guy in my class that got sent to the refocus area twice this week. The second time, his eyes welled up with tears as he was filling out his refocus form. (It is a form that I have the students fill out and take to their parents so that they can explain their learning choices without saying "I don't know why I went to the refocus area") The little guy turned to me and said,"Mrs. Searls, my mom said if I had to go to the refocus area again, she was going to put me up for adoption!" I told him she was just kidding, but I couldn't convince him. So, I told him, "You tell mom that if she does put you up for adoption, I will adopt you." Crazy kid; he was so excited about that.
Anyway, I am rambling now, but feel like I have at least updated and that was my intent.


Sarah Harward said...

WEIGH to go at weight watchers! (like my little pun?) I was down 1.8 today, which puts my total at 7 pounds! Thank heavens for weight watchers!! That story about the little boy in your class is so sad! At first I got so excited that you might be adopting a little boy, but how sad that he really thinks his mom would give him up just because he was sent to the refocus area! Poor kids, they take things so literally sometimes! Good thing he has a loving teacher like you!

AZBabs said...

One of my most memorable students when I was teaching in Saudi was a little guy from Nigeria by the name of Ninilala. His sister was Tatelele. They were great kids and Nini was particularly funny with a wonderful laugh. Great memories. Thanks for stirring them up. Miss you lots.