Saturday, April 18, 2009

A rainy Saturday morning...

Rain in Texas is such a time for celebration. I love the fresh-washed feeling that comes when the storms pass. The effects on the flowers, grass and trees is amazing and it always seems to give me a sense of renewal and hope. I guess knowing that the long, hot, dry and barren summer is lingering in the not too distant future and I simply do not want to let go of these wonderful spring days.
Seth stayed the night last night and watching him splash through the puddles and hearing him giggle when the cold drips from the wet leaves fall on him reminds me of the days when I was young. I can remember one time when Larry and I decide to use a sudden downpour for a quick rainwater fresh shampoo. There we were, standing in the back yard of Mom and Dad's place on Gephart Rd. with a head full of shampoo bubbles and the rain stops. Just one of many of Larry's hair-brained ideas that went wrong.
Anyway, here are a couple of photographs I took this morning while Seth was playing. I include some before and after shots of the front flower bed. Isn't rain amazing?

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holly-dolly said...

wow! your garden looks **great** . . . i am jealous! i used to love to play in the rain when i was little, also, but since i have mainly lived in killeen, i didn't get to do much of that growing up! great pictures!