Friday, March 13, 2009

Where do they get those crazy ideas?

I have another funny school story to share. I have a kid in my class named "Simon" who brings a lunch to school everyday. Last week he went through the cafeteria serving line looking for ketchup packets. I asked him what he needed the ketchup for and he said he needed it for his lunch. Unfortunately, they were serving spaghetti that day so consequently, no ketchup packets.
Today they were serving hamburgers and fries so "Simon" snagged himself a couple of ketchup packets. After lunch, the kids had returned to the classroom and "Simon" told me he had a magic trick to show the class and needed 2 volunteers. I asked him what the magic trick was and he told me he could make ketchup disappear. We were in the middle of center rotations so I told him we would do the magic trick at the end of the day if we had some extra time. He went back to his table and I went on with my reading group.
A few minutes later, "Ralph" comes out of the bathroom and says, "Mrs. Searls, someone put a ketchup packet under the toilet seat and when I sat on it, it squirted all over the place!" Needless to say, "Simon" was wearing a guilty look. I called "Simon" over to the table, and in my most shocked teacher's voice I said, "Simon! The most horrible thing just happened! Ralph went to the bathroom and somehow ended up squashing a ketchup packet all over the bathroom! Do you have any idea how that happened?"
"Simon", being the sweet, always obedient, non-malicious little boy he is admitted to putting the ketchup packet under the toilet seat. So, I sent his repentant little butt off the to bathroom to clean up his mess with directions to come and chat with me once the mess was gone.
When "Simon" came back to my reading table, I asked him where he got such a crazy idea. He looked up at me with his huge, doe eyes and said he had read about it in his book, Captain Underpants, and wanted to see if it really worked. We continued to have a little chat about what is appropriate in a comic book and not appropriate for the classroom.
Now, Simon happens to have his father working at the school as our campus technologist. As soon as I finished chatting with "Simon", I popped an email off to his father. Needless to say, Dad was mortified. I told Dad that I personally thought the whole thing was way too funny, which put his mind at ease. I told him that I explained that it would be better to test out those Captain Underpants theories at home. (Dad didn't think that was such a good idea.) Anyway, it is the little incidents like this one that keep me smiling through the day.


Woolverton Girl said...

That's Hilarious!!

lucky number seven said...

heather's second oldest, reilly, *loves* captain underpants. i could TOTALLY see him doing something like that!

AZBabs said...

How funny!!!

I'm sure that "Simon's" daddy would've NEVER tried anything like that. :-)